NDS Wood | Virtuves
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Dizaina Virtuves



Virtuves iekarsta Halborn


Sculptural, curved units with a lacquered finish and ultra-modern integrated handles. A truly iconic design. Be the envy of your friends with Holborn – the perfect fusion of functionality and fashion.


Virtuves iekarta Borrowdale


Sophisticated, shaker-style units featuring solid timber frames and veneered centre panels. The attractive in-frame design adds a touch of luxury, placing your kitchen firmly at the heart of your home.

Solid hardwood frames are fixed to the cabinet, with an inset door and drawer made from solid timber – carefully selected veneer centre panels are used on doors to ensure grain consistency


Virtuves iekarta Somerset


Classic shaker designs built from solid timber frames and veneered centre panels. Exquisitely stylish yet supremely practical, Somerset is the perfect choice if you want your kitchen to be the heart of your home. Solid timber door frames are constructed using traditional glue and dowel joints – veneered centre panels are grooved into the surrounding frame, which ensures the door is stable and consistent.